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RTI Commission Salaries Continuation of Outsourcing Contract Employees

RTI Commission Continuation Salaries

RTI Commission - Continuation and Payment of salaries for Outsourcing and Contract Employees

  1. The Right To Information Act. has implemented in 2005. Accordingly, every state has established RTI Commission. 
  2. The Commission has established in the United AP. After bifurcation, the RTI Commission has not been established in Andhra Pradesh.
  3. Both the states of "Outsourcing and Contract Employees" are working in the Commission in the state of  Telangana. 
  4. Some of the Outsourcing and Contract Employees working in the RTI Commission have approached to the High Court for "Continuation and Payment of Salaries". 
  5. The petition has taken by the High Court and proceeded for the arguments on 11th August 2017.
The Hon'ble High Court has ordered the TS Government for Continuing and Pay the salaries to employees.
  • As per the bifurcation ratio, the Court has ordered to pay the salaries in the ration 58:42.
  • The Hon'ble High Court has stated that by the reason of not bifurcating the Commission, It is not correct to throw employees out.
  • The Govt. Pleader of Telangana State has stated that all the Commissioners will be recruited with in 6 weeks and also be continuing the employees duly paying the salaries in the ratio 58:42.
  • In the meanwhile, the AP Govt. Pleader has argued that this is not possible because the Commission has not been bifurcated yet.
  • In the circumstances, the Hon'ble HIgh Court has ordered to establish the Commission for Andhra Pradesh and also continuing and paying the salaries to the employees.
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