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AP Outsourcing Employees 120 Days Maternity Leave and 60 Days Salary | G.O.Ms.No. 53

AP Outsourcing women Employees Maternity Leave salary for 60 days

AP Government has issued orders in G.O.Ms.No.53, Fin (HR-I. Plg. -Policy) Department, dated: 01.05.2018,  stating that, the women employees of Outsourcing and Contract basis are eligible for 60 days of paid maternity leave w.e.f. 1st May 2018.  In the previous existing guidelines of Outsourcing  and Contract the Government had fixed the maternity leave period as 120 days with out remuneration vide G.O.Rt.No.4271,  Finance (SMPC) Department, dated: 01.11.2008.

The President, APNGO's Association has given a representation to the Government, stating that the period of 120 days with out remuneration Outsourcing and Contract Women employees are facing many financial problems to lead their daily life.   The president has requested the Government to consider 60 days of paid salary to the Women employees who are in Maternity leave.  After careful examination of the representation and taking in view of the Child and Mother care, the Government has taken a decision to pay 60 days of maternity leave to the women employees for two survival children.

The paid remuneration is equivalent to the existing salary drawn by the Outsourcing and Contract women employees. The EPF and ESI shall be admissible for the period and the period of 60 days shall be considered as On Duty. 
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